How to Create SEO Optimised Content

Creating SEO optimised content is as critical as having a professional website for your business. This article has put together the most important things you need to consider when writing content for your trades business.

#1— Keywords.

The actual definition of a page is the words it contains. It’s what makes a page what it is, and so you need to make sure you are targeting exactly the right keywords for the people looking for your content.

For example, we are targeting the keywords on how to create SEO optimised content on this content. And since that is the keywords we target, we also set it as the article’s title. Therefore, mentioning the keywords in the title, meta, and content is critical.

#2— Content that satisfies site visitors.

Let’s face it; if people can’t find what they want on your website, they will go somewhere else to get their answers. So why not give them what they want?  Are you willing to buy stuff from a website that has nothing but plain text? Exactly! So why would your site visitors? When creating good content, always think about your audience’s needs. Think from their perspective. Think about the questions that run through their minds if they are searching for your product of services.

Here’s a classic example. If you are a patio builder for the residential sector, the most appealing and appropriate content you would want to create is focusing on the needs of your target audience.

What are the details people who want to build patios need to know? First, of course, they want to see the price, the cost, the materials to be used, the speed of installation, the processing of council approval, and if you offer a warranty, etc.

To guide your prospects and lead them to choose you, you must include the mentioned information in your website content.

If you can satisfy your website visitors with the quality and richness of your content, you have already won them! So from strangers, they will be your potential customers.

#3— Interesting info.

If your content is not interesting to read, people will not stick around, even if it is exactly what they wanted.

Here are the tips on how to create interesting content. 


If people link to your website for its content, then it must be good! So you should also try to link back to other websites with high-quality content if you are connecting to them from your site. But do not ever exchange links, as this is going to violate Google webmaster’s policy.

Going back to point #3, you will notice that I created a link back to the website that created great content. So that’s what’s going to happen if you create quality content. People will make a backlink to your site.

And because this content is interesting, lots of people create a backlink to this content too. For example, see one of the screenshots below.

#5— Create Google & user-friendly content.

When your site has good content, search engines and directories will notice you more and give you higher rankings. They are also much less likely to remove your link from a site with good content.

Google-friendly content is of excellent quality, not repetitive, and does not mention the keywords over 20 times. If you mention the keywords too many times, it would be keyword stuffing, and Google is smart enough to know it.

When we say keyword stuffing, it’s an attempt to manipulate Google by pushing your keywords too much for the search engines. But, it turns out, your keywords are out of context, and they can do more harm than good, so by any means – do not follow this.

#6— State facts.

If people like to read what you have written, they may share the information with others, which could lead to people knowing more about your products or services. One of the best ways to get people to devour and share your content is to state facts. For example, one of the most interesting facts about SEO is,  40% of website users leave a slow loading website. 

#7— Identify problems and offer solutions.

Some of the reasons why people browse the internet are to seek ideas and solutions to their problems. For example, if you are thinking about having your bathroom renovated, the first thing you want to know is the renovation cost – right?

And since Google is the number one search engine platform for Australians, small, medium and large businesses alike work hard to put their business on Google’s first page.

If you’re a bathroom renovator who created content about the cost of bathroom renovations, who’s content would Google choose to show to the homeowner who needs more info about bathroom renovation’s cost?

Of course, the ones who provided the answer to the user’s query.  See, if your content focuses on providing solutions to the users’ queries, your business will most likely be favoured over your competitors.

Also, if you have specific and informative content on your website, it will help build trust with new visitors, which will allow them to trust you enough to buy from you. On the other hand, a lack of quality content will tell them they should not even bother checking your page. Instead, they will leave, and you will lose them forever.

#8— Avoid posting content that lacks value.

Destructive content increases users’ bounce rate. Bounce rate is the percentage of the people who leave your site after a few seconds of landing on it.

People are leaving your webpage because of several reasons like:

  • Wrong grammar
  • Pages are hardly loading
  • There is a security issue
  • Redundant content or information
  • Too salesly content
  • Poor graphics
  • Thin or unrelated content
  • Lacks clarity
  • Not offering any solutions to people’s queries or concerns.

Make sure you address the issues mentioned on your webpage to avoid people from abandoning your website.

#9— Content that brings in more traffic.

People love sharing the good news! If you have good content, people will be more likely to share it with others.  The more they share, the better chance you have to bring in new visitors to your website, which you can turn into raving fans, and long time clients.

So how are you going to create content that brings more traffic? See further details below.

  • Short, accurate and informative content
  • Content with informative graphics
  • Content that offers tips, steps, and even instructions
  • Content that resonates with your market, for example, if you are targeting residential clients, see to it that the information on your website speaks to the needs of homeowners.

#10— Create content based on your analytics report.

Your content will keep them coming back, so make sure you start keeping track of how they find you and how they behave on your site.

For example, if you know where they came from, what kind of search terms they used to find you and what pages they spend the most time looking at. In that case, that will help you build better customer retention strategies, such as sending them emails about products they have looked at or making a newsletter that has some of your best articles in it.

#11— Mention popular platforms.

If you have good content on your website, then the sites that link back to you will get more traffic as well! Most people will visit a site if they see it linked from another high authority site with relevant content or find what they were looking for on a search engine.

To add more value and authority to your content, try mentioning one or two popular platforms. For example, youtube is a prevalent and helpful marketing tool for businesses. It allows you to showcase your business, products, and services and allows your viewers to share your videos – anywhere around the world using social media, blogs, forums, and other video platforms.

#12— Content that builds your business’ reputation.

Putting information that builds reputation is one of the most critical ways to consider when writing content for your business. For example, if you have clients testimonials or reviews, make sure to include them in your web pages.

One of the most potent testimonial content you can put on your web page is a video testimonial. If you have one or more videos of your clients praising your products or services – it would be great to create a section hosting the video testimonials. You can also add a backlink to your client’s website or social profile within the description you made for the video.

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