As a Digital Agency, one of our frustrations is seeing a digital marketing report that looks pretty sh**. Transparency matters to us, and we can’t afford to see a digital marketing report that only contains details like Website traffic, unique visitors, organic traffic, new users. This is not what tradies would love to see when they check their monthly report. Yes, we all know this.

Digital marketing reporting is the only way to know if your google or social ads, SEO campaign and landing pages are progressing. So, for example, if you are a concreter in Perth, and you want to engage with residential clients around Perth Metro, there should be a specific campaign for this, and you should see how it’s advancing in your analytics.

When it comes to digital marketing, the best way to show the client’s that you appreciate their business is by showing them an excellent monthly report containing all the information they wish to see – and not only that, you also need to be ready to speak with your clients if they have any questions.

So, what should be in the monthly digital marketing report? If you are a tradie, below is the list you should see when you receive your monthly report.

If you’re running Google ads, Social Media Ads & SEO, here are the things you should see in the report.

1. Number of leads from your Google ads, Social Media Ads, and SEO (Organic Leads)

2. The breakdown of cost per click compared to the previous month

3. Your conversion rates

4. Changes Made on the Website and Ads

5. SEO Ranking Movements

6. Content to be approved if the agency provides the SEO content

7. Traffic Generated from different devices

8. Recommendations for improvements or Ideas for future campaigns

9. Future budget – this has to be mentioned, especially for industries with peak seasons. For example, air-conditioning, this business is in demand before and during summertime.

So how often should you receive a digital marketing report?

Receiving one report per month is enough, but you can always ask questions to your digital partner if there is something you want to discuss or clarify.

How do I know my digital marketing report is good enough?

An excellent digital marketing report contains all the information mentioned above, and it should be sent to your email in the form of a presentation, video or PDF file.

What are the benefits of good digital marketing reports?

  • Allow you to understand if you’re marketing spend is working or not
  • Once you understand your marketing spend, you’ll be able to allocate enough budget to the campaign that performs best
  • It allows you to spot issues before they come up
  • It allows you to stay ahead of your competitors
  • You’ll gain clarity on where your money goes and how much ROI you’re getting
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