Google Ads Management

Benefits of Google Ads

  • Instant visibility to high-quality traffic.
  • You’ll get qualified leads that are ready to buy fast.
  • It provides accurate tracking & measurable results.
  • High Return on Investment.
  • It offers a cost-effective way for any business to reach the targeted market.
How Google Ads Help Grow Your Trades Business

Google Ads Management for Tradies

Google ads is one of the most powerful, widely-used, and cost-effective ways to bring your products or services in front of your customers. If you are a tradie looking to get more clients, engaging with Google Ads will help take your business to the next level – especially if experts are managing it.

If you want to focus on growing your business, entrusting your google ads or PPC campaign to local experts that are trustworthy and honest is one of the wisest decisions you can make. At We Help Tradies, our expert, fully-managed campaigns ensure your marketing dollars are in safe hands. Our process is efficient, simple, tested, and proven that it works and is affordable – as we have everything running in-house.

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Why Tradies Choose Us

Our Process, Your Success


We take the time to understand your business and the goals you want to achieve. The more we know about your goals, the more effective we can be at attracting you the right type of customers.


Whether it’s a new website project, landing page, SEO, or Google ads project. We will plan our work with return on investment for your business at the forefront of our minds.


With your goals in mind, we create tailored solutions that best represent your business. All our work is quality checked and delivered in a timely and professional manner.

Optimization & Reporting

Striving for continuous improvement. We work smartly to get the best out of your campaign. Our easy-to-read reporting gives you the numbers you need, although we are always ready to answer any questions.

Common Questions About Google Ads

Yes, and you have two options. You can use your current website or a landing page. We Help Tradies can optimise your existing website or create a brand new landing page. Either way, we will be able to help you.
Your Ad will appear until your budget has been used for that particular day. You will then appear the following day with your fresh daily budget allocation.

So no, the Ad is not 24/7.

In short, no.

Google operates a service called invalid clicks. You can read more about this here Invalid clicks

The average cost per click is $7 to $30.
It depends on the type of market you want to target. If your business is small, you can start from $30 a day, this can grow exponentially, it will depend on how many leads you can manage.
Yes, it is. It’s the fastest and cost-effective way to get more qualified customers.

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