#1 — Huge increase in sales!

This is the big one and a huge reason to spend time writing content for your website.

When you have good articles on your website, people will find them easily through search engines, and they will come back again and again.

It may even lead to offline sales if you use a customer retention strategy such as offering discounts for repeat customers or referral fees to those who refer your business to others.

Here’s a classic example.
Search Engine Journal is one of the top-ranking sites in google because of its high quality and excellent content. And because they are ranking so well, they are generating more sales from their SEO optimised content, which increases their bottom line.

#2 —Improves your brand and personal image.

If you are a business owner who writes about the same topic repeatedly, then people will start to recognize your name as the expert in that field, and they will listen to what you have to say or maybe even follow your advice. It also shows them that you are good at what you do.

Here’s a classic example.
If you are a concreter in Sydney, you can write content about:

  1. How to find a good concreter in Sydney
  2. How much does concrete driveways cost in Sydney?
  3. How to know you’re hiring a professional concreter?
  4. For Sydney Homes & Businesses: Stamped Concrete Design & Estimate
  5. Pros and Cons of Stamping Concrete

The more you educate your website users, the more they will see how good you are at what you do and start trusting you. So you are gradually making strangers turn into fans and clients!

#3 —Good content attracts quality backlinks.

This is a great way to get an authority website to link back to your site, and it will send some of their traffic your way as well. In addition, getting a link like this from another site shows Google that your site has excellent content, which will definitely help with your rankings.

Here’s a classic example:
If you go back to point #1, I have created a backlink to Search Engine Journal, and that is because they are creating high-quality content, and I am confident that they are sharing valuable and helpful information. Regardless of your service or products, crafting high-quality content will always pay off, and gradually, you will reap the benefits.

#4 — Helps build a good reputation.

Good SEO content helps with building a solid reputation for your website, which will lead to more traffic and sales in the future. People will like visiting your site once they realize it has valuable content relevant to what they were looking for. They will then tell their family and friends about it as well, both offline and online.
Here’s a classic example:

The concrete driveway cost calculator has over 390 search volumes a month, right? See the screenshot below. Omni Calculator created content that solves this query, and Google put them to rank #1. And since Omni Calculator is garnering their revenue from ads, they are getting more ads posted on their site, which helps increase sales and revenue.

Tradies don’t run ads on their page, but along with your great content, you can encourage your target audience to take action. So if you are creating high-quality and helpful content, make sure to add calls to action within your content. You can put your call to action in the middle or bottom of the page.

Create graphics if you must. You can use Canva or Piktochart to create beautiful graphics for free. You can also hire a graphic designer or a digital agency that can do everything for you – from updating your web page, content, and graphics too!
Benefits of SEO Optimised Content for Trades Businesses

#5 — Get favoured by Search Engines.

You probably know that Google is the best search engine in Australia, garnering 95% of users. So if you dedicatedly create SEO optimised content on your website, you’ll surely get Google to favour you. But, remember, Google has a soft spot for tradies.

Classic example:
Suppose you are a patio builder in Perth, for example. You can write content that is related to patio installation. Classic examples of content that you can create are below.

  1. How much does it cost to build a patio in Perth?
  2. What is the average cost of patio installation in Perth
  3. How much does an insulated patio cost?
  4. Perth Patio Prices in 2021
  5. How much does a Stratco patio cost Australia

Depending on the products and materials you use, you can always create content around your services that will pay off in the long run. Creating content requires effort, expertise, and a great strategy – we know tradies barely have time for this, and it’s why there are agencies that you can rely on when it comes to SEO and content marketing. We are one of the agencies that you can count on, and we’re here to help!

#6 — Great rankings on local & national searches.

SEO optimised content helps improve your ranking in local search results.
If you have a business website, then this is very important for you to get better rankings because local searches are so popular.

Here’s a classic example:

We have content about SEO that we have just published. Our new website was launched three days ago, yet we managed to get to the top 25, Google’s 3rd page. This content is optimised for Australia as we are helping trades businesses Australia wide. If your content is weak and not providing value, you will barely hit page 10 of Google.

Benefits of SEO Optimised Content for Trades Businesses

Once your first content lands on Google’s top 5 pages, your chances of hitting the first page as you continue to add more valuable web content focusing on local and national searches are pretty high.

#7 — Helps promote your products or services.

You may notice a boost in traffic once you start writing content for your website because people may share it with their friends or put links to it on their site, bringing you more visitors. Once people know your content offers value, they will come back to your site repeatedly.

According to a recent study, 88 percent of consumers visit the webpage several times before making purchases. These buyers focus on reading the website information before deciding to buy.

So how do you create content that offers value?

Not all tradies know how to create content that offers value. But tradies will always focus on getting the job done and not on promotion.

Below are the lists of information you would see on the content that offers value. This is a classic example of a roller shutter business.

  1. It offers solutions and answers the queries that run through the customer’s mind. A classic example is, mentioning the cost of a particular service. For example, how much does it cost to install roller shutters in a small house with four windows?
  2. It offers tips or guidelines. For example, here are the steps you can follow to increase the lifespan of your roller shutters.
  3. It offers basic information about the specific product or service. For example, we offer aluminium grade roller shutters for commercial and residential sectors. Our roller shutters and fire-rated, fire gun tested with up to 15 years warranty. In addition, we have battery operated and electric roller shutters that come in different colours.
  4. It includes CTA or calls to action. For example, we offer FREE measure and quote or FREE estimate.
  5. It builds trust. We’ve been in the industry for over 30 years, and below are some of the testimonials of our happy clients.
  6. It is created with the customer’s location in mind. We cover the whole Perth metro from Yanchep to Mandurah, and we install roller shutters seven days a week.

#8 — Helps you build a strong brand identity.

Your written content helps people learn more about you, what you do, what you offer, and what you’re good at.

The best way to showcase what you’re good at is through case study content or posting client’s testimonials. The testimonials could be written, recorded video, or through Google or FB reviews placed at the lower-left corner of your website. See the screenshots below.

Screenshot of a written testimonial
Benefits of SEO Optimised Content for Trades Businesses

Screenshot of a video testimonial
Benefits of SEO Optimised Content for Trades Businesses

Screenshot of Google Reviews
Benefits of SEO Optimised Content for Trades Businesses

#9 — Helps your business gain clients for the long term.

Some companies start by writing articles about their products and services, then get them published on their blog page.

Writing content that educates, guides, and enlightens readers allows you to bring your products or services in front of your target market, which will benefit you in the long run.

Just remember, you have to write engaging, educating, nurturing content with compelling calls to action in the middle or at the end of the page.

Your content stays on the web unless the webpage hosting it will have it removed. So as long as your content is on the web and serving its purpose, which is to help readers rest assured you will have continuous traffic offering you long term benefits.

A classic example is below.
The rank #2 content for the keywords, What is SEO, was written by Moz. The screenshot from the webarchieve.org below shows that Moz wrote it seven years ago, and until today, it is still serving its purpose, which is to educate people about SEO.

Benefits of SEO Optimised Content for Trades Businesses

So, if you are a tradie, who would like to create an impact for the long term, create content that educates, and it will stand the test of time.

#10 —Increases website traffic.

Increases the number of visitors that come to your site every day and boosts search engine traffic. If you’re looking for more people to buy your product or service, you will have a larger audience once you start writing content for your website.

See the screenshots of the examples below.

The traffic of Search Engine Journal in 2012.

Benefits of SEO Optimised Content for Trades Businesses

Vs their traffic in 2021.

Benefits of SEO Optimised Content for Trades Businesses

The screenshots above show that if you continue to put a lot of effort into your business by creating more content, you will reap the benefits.

At We Help Tradies, creating SEO optimised content is one of our expertise. We are open and ready to help you if you need us to grow your trades business – anywhere you are in Australia.

#11 — Can be used for many different marketing strategies.

Creating SEO optimised content will help you with your marketing strategies such as:

Content link building:

  • You can create articles and have them published as guest posts on other websites in the hopes of gaining some traffic from those sites as well.
  • You can post them on social media sites, pages and groups – the overall traffic will be shown in your analytics.
  • You can use your high-converting or money page for your Google, Social Media and even Youtube Ads.

#12 —Helps build relationships.

It helps build relationships with existing customers by answering any questions they may have about your product or service, which will lead to more conversions.
For example, if you are a synthetic grass supplier and have been doing it for 30 years. You can create content that covers the queries of your old customers about artificial grass. Below are the lists of questions you can answer on your content.

  1. What is the lifespan of artificial grass?
  2. Does fake grass go bad?
  3. How do you renew artificial grass?
  4. Does artificial grass need to be replaced?
  5. What are the problems with artificial grass?
  6. How often should you replace fake grass?

#13 — Helps your business get more traffic.

You are sending people to your site with every content that you publish somewhere else, which will increase the number of visitors who come back regularly.

Usually, these are the people who are looking for more information before they make a purchasing decision. The goal of your content is to offer solutions, and in return, you will have paying customers.

Over 60% of website traffic comes from SEO, and if you are creating SEO optimised content, imagine how many conversions you would have per 100 people visiting your website.

The average trades businesses get 20 to 30 organic leads per week through SEO. So does it happen? See an example below.

If you are a landscaper in Sydney, you are ranking for high search volume keywords in the screenshots below. Can you imagine how many leads you’d be getting?

The thing is, you want your business to reach its maximum potential. If you invest $1000 on SEO per month, and then you’d start generating 10 to 20 leads per week in the next ten months. Do you know how much ROI you will get?

The standard cost of landscaping in Australia ranges from $4,800 to $50,000. The total cost of your landscaping project depends on the size, scale and amount of work to be done.

For example, your average landscaping cost is $10k x 15 Leads that convert, is equal to $150k. And how much did you spend on SEO for ten months? $10k.

That’s 1500% ROI in the first week ten months after you have invested. Billionaires are only getting 20 to 30% ROI in a year.

The good news is, you don’t really have to wait for 10 months, especially if you already have keywords that are ranking. That is why it’s critical for you to have your website audited for SEO before you engage in any SEO agency.

SEO requires sustainable effort but its benefits are for the long term.

If you’re a tradie looking to invest in SEO to bring your business to the level it deserves, then schedule your FREE consultation with the owner of We Help Tradies today! Mark would be so happy to help you!